Courses for pregnant women


Yoga prepares pregnant women mentally and physically to birth.

By favouring especially the release of the tension around the neck of the womb as well as the enlargement of the pelvis, it contributes to an easier and more fluid delivery.

The relaxation exercises which are practised in the yoga courses are especially beneficial in this respect; the women are progressively brought to be focused on themselves and more relaxed.

While working with pregnant women the teacher aims to make them feel better in their bodies which are in full transformation.

The facts of having attended intensive courses of yoga teaching for all types of participants and being herself a mother of three children, gave the teacher the opportunity of developing an attitude of comprehensive empathy towards future mothers and thus teaching them yoga practice in an appropriate and healthy way.

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In a world where everything continues to go faster and faster, where one is supposed to be multitask and functional, it can be of interest to teach children from their young age…


Yoga favours the conscience of one’s own body, the digestion, the blood circulation, can have a healthy influence on arthritis and slow down the process of ageing…


Individual sessions can be proposed by taking the particular needs of the interested person into account. In any case a thorough discussion will previously take place.