The meaning of the term yoga refers to junction, meeting: more precisely to the unification of mind, body and soul, as well connecting our individual self with others and to the higher power in the universe.

The regular practice of yoga improves the posture, the flexibility and the balance.

Professionally supervised and sustained yoga activity can have beneficial and preventive effects on health and support the healing process of many diseases.

Yoga develops body conscience and the sensitivity of physiological functioning; as a matter of fact the persons practising yoga learn to interpret in a natural way their bodies’ signs and messages.

For those who are in search of a less frenetic life, yoga offers a serene way to be followed.

Power Yoga

Power yoga class consistes of 30-40 minutes of intensive warm out through sun salutations and other warm out exercises, after which students will do seated and supine asanas leading to a long relaxation. Different themes (headstand, different body parts) will be covered.
Power yoga suits for people with good physical condition or for more experienced yogis.


Hatha yoga originates from the ancient Indian yoga traditions where the Asanas (postures) were practised by respiration and relaxation.

Pranayamas (respiration exercises) and meditation are an integrant part of this practice.

Practical information

During yoga courses it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes (e.g. sports clothes); it’s not necessary to wear shoes.

While practising Hatha and Ashtanga yoga one doesn’t usually drink; it is advisable to drink sufficiently before and after the sessions.

You can practise yoga whatever your physical condition is.

However consult your doctor in case of a heavy medical intervention.

Inform your teacher in a personal discussion of any particularities concerning your physical condition, your general state of health.

The courses can take place in French, English, Finnish and Luxembourgish according to the participants’ request.